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     This is imagesa question, I…..we all, have most likely asked at some point in our lives.  I have learned, that God has no problem with our asking Him that question. “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I JOINED MYSELF TO THE MOST EVIL DEN OF SNAKES ON THIS PLANET…..WHERE WERE YOU WHEN MY SON’S HEART SUDDENLY STOPPED BEATING, AND IN AN INSTANT, HE WAS GONE……..WHERE WERE YOU……….on and on and on. During those times, it may seem as tho, He is off tending to other matters of more importance. Or possibly He is not the loving God we thought Him to be. Or in my case….I have done too much….gone too far……proven myself unworthy of His love, and everyone else, who knows what I’ve done.

Well……I can tell you this…..I know where He was…for me, and for you as well. He was not even a breath away. He was holding us in His arms, and grieving with us as our heart was breaking. He was at our side, before, during, and after our heartaches, and heart breaks. He didn’t hear my accusations hurled at Him in a moment of grief and anguish, I never felt could be possible! His lips were to my ear, saying, I am here….let Me  comfort you…..feel My strength……stay in My arms…..I will heal you. Not only me, but all of us. Do we understand His ways? Absolutely not! His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts higher than our thoughts.

I am experiencing many changes in my heart and spirit of late. I have gone through all of my blog posts…..and deleted many. During my first couple of years of having been released, by God, from a cult….a prison that confined me….and many others…..within walls of lies…deceit…..sexual perversion, and so much more…..I was ANGRY. I re-read many of my writings……and was ashamed. I spoke against ALL organized religious groups. I verbally disrespected ALL ministers….Wanted NO PART of anything remotely associated with something that resembled…..”A man telling me what to do”.

Everyone…..all of you were kind, patient, and forgiving. I have learned, that we ALL have purpose, and are integral in the plans of our Father. I have also learned….that in time…..if we trust Him, even when nothing makes sense…….we will see the generous heart of our Father, and He will lay precious gifts in our hands. He has done that for me. The scriptures say that “Jesus is a friend that sticketh closer that a brother”.  I have watched, and experienced that same description in human form….and am eternally thankful and grateful.

We question Him…..that’s ok……we doubt Him….that’s ok…….we accuse Him……that’s ok. But when all the dust settles, and everything that was precious seems to have vanished…..He will still be standing beside you. Holding you, loving you, healing you.

Maybe someone needs to hear this….I’m not sure. I have been taking inventory of my own heart of late, and find myself….so much more on the receiving end of His precious gifts than the giving end. I want that to change.  He is worthy of our very last ounce of strength and effort……We will NEVER out give Him.  But He is so worthy of our trying to even come close.   And, most importantly…….know this. You have NEVER……will NEVER   do something so bad….that God has to turn away from you. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have a prayer of a chance to experience His love….. I love you all…….thank you for following my rocky journey. And thank you for sticking!



     What kind of prison holds our hearts? What are the painful wounds that have put our hearts and souls in a place of containment which only gives us glimpses of life and what we only wish it could be? Is it mistakes? Regret? Allowing our hearts to trust and watching that trust be ripped apart and trodden underfoot by those in which we placed it? I would venture to say…..probably a little of all the above. I believe that the heart, above all members is most vulnerable and most easily injured. When the pain comes, and the wounds begin to bleed, I have seen the most common action is turning the blame toward ourselves. “Why didn’t I see this”? How could I have let this happen”? This is no one’s fault but mine”.  I have seen these questions and statements made……by me. Then the walls come up. Oh….we have the best tools to build those walls! We make them impenetrable!  Too high to be scaled, too thick to be penetrated, so wide that no one could possible find a way around. The amazing thing is this. We build these walls…..and most times are not even aware we are doing it. And in pursuit of self protection…..we are also locking out the greatest potential to love and be loved. How do I know this? Because this description is of myself. Most everyone knows my past, so it doesn’t need to be brought up again. But in recent months, weeks and even days, I have seen that I have made vows to God and myself, that I would never again be deceived….lied to…….violated…….confused…on and on….and on. And in my mind…the vows were oh so wise. Some of my vows even included keeping God at bay, although I did not see that, until the last few weeks. 

One thing I have learned….in all my learning, is this. We can’t fight our way out of a wet paper bag. An old cliche,  yes, but so true. God is the slayer of all those dragons. He has a remedy and a cure for every trap we have been caught in. Whether made by someone else……or ourselves. Our hearts can be encased….sealed over….and layered with the hardest stone. His remedies come in different forms, that are suited just for us. Who knows us better than Him? He knows what we need….even far better than we ourselves know. In recent months….as I have inventoried myself, and been thfound lacking……..He sent a remedy. He sent a key to open the door of stone that has held my heart in confinement for a lot of years. This remedy came in the form of a precious heart. A nonjudgemental heart. A heart that casts no blame. A heart that loves me as tho I am the most perfect wonderful piece of work that ever came off God’s assembly line. I have found out what unconditional love can do. It can go into places where NO ONE is allowed. It can penetrate those cells with a warm light that melts away everything that years have built and sealed. In most cases, in mine, the instrument being used, has no idea all this is even taking place. It is the love of God……not a form of love that says…”I love you, so let me tell you what you need to do……” No, it just “IS” what God made it to be…….It just “DOES” what God made it to do. I have seen…experienced….and known this love intimately, and pray to God that someday I can return that in like manner. 

His gifts are precious, eternal, and most times (as with me) we don’t see them coming. He is a giver of good gifts. Love, not only covers a multitude of sins……it covers a multitude of arrogant statements….vows stupidly made to God, and forgiven by Him all at the same time. I heard it said one time, that hatred and pain, can build a stronger prison than stone and steel can ever build. I thank my God……and I thank the precious gift that He sent to me.


SunSet-sunsets-and-sunrises-19955123-1920-1200beautiful-nature-96I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of where I go to church. I’m not trying to be silly…..just feel so strongly about the fact that God is so far beyond the walls of a building!! He is so much greater than the most beautiful ornate, stained glass structure that exists! I once went to a church…many years ago as a teenager. As per protocol, the pastor walked up to the pulpit, and stated  “Let’s all stand, and invite God into our presence”.  Even as a young, immature, rebellious teenager, those words pricked my heart. I know that the pastor meant nothing wrong and was being respectful…..but I KNOW, also, that God doesn’t only reside in an enclosed building, waiting for us on specific appointed times and then He shows up. He can be found in a sunrise, in a sunset, in a laugh, in a gift, or a hug from a friend, in the beautiful animals that co habit this earth with us. Do you know where else He can be found? He can be found in the hell, and misery that sometimes encompasses our lives. He can be found in sadness so great that it goes beyond crying……beyond the possibility of ever experiencing joy again. He can be found in those places we have created in our lives that have become a prison. He can be found….waiting in the shadows of places where we don’t even want Him. Waiting…..wanting to hold us…..wanting to comfort us and wipe away our tears. Waiting…….wanting to walk into those dark dungeons we have created, and cleanse them, and fill them with His light. He loves us with a love that we will NEVER in this life, understand. He has no time limit for His waiting. He doesn’t care what we’ve done… long we’ve done it…..or how deeply we’ve entrenched ourselves into a pit which seems endless in its depth. He waits.

How do I know this? Well….most of you know. For 22 years I turned away from Him. I chose to follow a man…a minister of hell….a false prophet….a sexual predator…..a destroyer of souls. When my time for deliverance had come, Who was standing in the shadows….waiting? Yes…….Jesus. He did not say to me, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???  HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID??? YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT!” (people have said that to me, but He never did) No…..He took me in His arms, He climbed out of that pit that I had been in , carrying me in His arms, and said…We’re going home. He never left me for a second. He stayed…..He waited…….He watched as I said, did, and believed things that must have hurt Him so deeply. He waited……….

That is what I want everyone who reads this to understand. You do not have to clean up. You do not have to “earn” His love. You do not have to do anything to make yourself worthy of His love. We don’t even come close to knowing how to do that anyway. He is so accessible and loves us so very much.

As always….thank you….all of you who read my posts. You all mean the world to me, and I love you..……………..


     thYes, I stole this title from a movie, but it reminds me of something so beautiful that God showed me recently. If you were  at the meeting where I spoke in November, then you will have heard this before.

There are times, when I (stupidly) attempt to take inventory of myself, in regards to my Father. I want to make sure that there is nothing that would be a hindrance in our relationship and communication. I said “stupidly” because to think that I am wise enough to accomplish that task……… is absolutely ludicrous.

During one of these times, several months ago, God spoke so sweetly, gently, and sternly to me. I know my Father’s voice, and it stops me in my tracks. He showed me a scenario that I will never forget. In this scenario He explained to me, that as His creations, we are so very complex, and with our natural minds cannot begin to understand the intricacy of our body and soul.

In this scenario, we walked together, down a long dark corridor, with cell after cell on either side of us. They were locked, and had no windows, or any way for even one ray of light to permeate the dark rooms. I said “what is this place? What is locked behind these doors? He spoke: This is the inner most region of your soul, the place where only my Son has access. These cells contain the hurts……the pain…..the rejection……the abuse……the guilt that you have pushed away and hidden, because you didn’t know how to free yourself from it.  There are things behind these doors that you don’t even know are there. I began to cry……Oh God, who can cleanse these horrible prison cells of the years of anguish that I have pushed away, and believed were gone…..

My Father smiled, and was gone. I still lay on my bed where I was when my prayer began.   Over the next several days, that precious, although terrifying time with my Father, never left my thoughts. One night, after I came home from work, and went to bed, I closed my eyes and said  “Oh, Jesus….I know who has the keys to that dark desolate place in the depths of my soul….”Please cleanse it! Please go into that horrible place where only You have access! Please take away everything that would be an obstacle in our relationship”!  I saw, in my mind’s eye… Hero…the slayer of my dragons…..walk through that dark corridor where my Father had so recently taken me…..with sternness and determination, He did not knock gently and ask those things to depart…He KICKED every door open….INSTANTLY every room was full of light and cleansed!!  One by one until every prison door was not only opened, but destroyed.

I am not…in any way….saying that now I am pure, and clean, with no sin. Far from it. But now I know…even those places we know nothing about….those places where we have pushed away pain….hurt…rejection…and so much more, My Lord will walk into those dark cells and evict those things, and make us free.

“There is no pit so deep, that He is not deeper still”.  I hope my experience can help someone.  I love you guys……with all my heart…

I’m back!

Just wanted to reconnect with everyone and say that I am back to my blogging and happy to be so! My laptop has been in the “hospital” and had to have a new hard drive installed, there by all passwords were lost.  I have just reset all passwords, so I’m back to blogging!

There is so much to say about our Father and His unconditional love! My heart is full and I am driven as never before to tell as many people as possible, that there is NOTHING that we have done, or could do that would dampen or diminish the love that He has for us. My favorite teacher, Malcom Smith, puts it this way…”He is madly in love with us, and there is nothing that we could ever say or do that can cause Him to turn from us”.

I will be posting more soon……just wanted to let everyone know why there have been no blog posts for awhile. Love you guys………We need each other……We need Him……..unnamed

Disguised as an ‘Angel of Light’

pictures    Yes……this picture perfectly depicts the information in this post. I will, quickly, say this. I was in a cult for 22 years in a small town in New England. I followed the teachings of a man who declared that he was teaching a “new thing”, that God was doing something in that place that He had never done. It had ALWAYS been my desire….the thirst of my soul……to know as much of God as I could possibly know. To go as deeply with Him as I could. To learn to love Him as much as a human can love. So this sounded so appealing. In the end……Families were destroyed. Souls were destroyed. Lives were lost. It did not end well.

The reason for this post, is, that same spirit…..that cold evil wind is blowing right here in this small town in Oklahoma where I grew up. I recognize it. It is not a “new thing” as they boast. This teaching is that “the bible is wrong and unecessary. There is no hell. Sin does not exist. Satan was never in Heaven and was never cast down from Heaven”.  This is a quote. “Peter was dense, and the disciples had it all wrong”. Another quote. “Hitler and Osama Bin Ladin are all going to be in the same place in eternity where all of us are, won’t people be surprised”.  “Jesus is not coming back”.    “The bible is nothing more than a history book”.  “We don’t feel that the word “Lord” should be a title that is attributed to Jesus”.  There are so many more teachings in this place that ring so familiar to me.

These are the things Jesus has warned us about. When I was growing up and heard the teachings regarding false christs….false doctrines…and other things describing these last days…..I never imagined that I would see…..AND follow one of those wolves in sheep’s clothing.  When I was rescued….by God Himself….from that place where the breath of hell itself blew in and out, night and day…..I promised God that I would expose, and bring to light every spirit that takes away from His Holiness, and His very presence.

This teaching I am speaking of is teaching that they are the “deep thinkers”. That everything we have ever known of God is wrong. The word of God teaches us that in the last days, men will raise themselves up above God Himself, and dilute Him to nothing more than a historical figure.

I realize that I may become very unpopular because of this post. I don’t care. I made a promise to my Lord, when I came out of that den of Hell, hatred and sexual perversion, that if one person is warned….and turns away from these false…anti-God teachings……I will bear the hatred. People, and relationships, that I loved with all my heart were destroyed in the place I lived for 22 years. One in particular is still in that place and I pray with all my heart that there will be deliverance…….

Do what you will with this information. Just……..please…….beware….and ask God to show you what is Him…..and what is not. He has ALWAYS answered every question I ever had.  A footnote……The man who was the leader in the snake pit I was in……..just didn’t wake up one day……..God will not be mocked.

Thank you everyone…..this is a rather ‘dark’ post, but in my opinion, very necessary. I don’t want to see anyone deceived by these lies.   Mathew 7:15

Feel free to visit my website       I love you guys….If you would like to have a copy of my book accounting those 22 years, you can order it from my website. Or you can contact me and I will see that you get one..1964962_732337363453023_889611807_nThank you……….


pictures2nd Timothy 4: 3-4  For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths.”  I…..we all…. have heard this scripture spoken, probably most of our lives, if we have been in close proximity to the teaching of God’s word.  When I was younger, and would hear this taught, I just always knew that I could never be fooled by that sort of thing. Not me!! I am much too clever, and intelligent for a false teacher to fool me!!!  I have learned…..and now know……to make a statement like that, is to lower your first major defense against false christs, and predators. A wolf in sheep’s clothing looks…..sounds…..smells…. eats…. drinks and talks like a sheep.  Most of you know, I DID in fact fall for the teachings of one of these predators. Am I proud of it??? Absolutely not! It robbed me of 22 precious years that I can never reclaim. But…that experience left me with knowlege and skills (given by God) that I would have never otherwise possessed.  I now recognize….in a very short period of time……the teachings and sly seducing spirit of one of these ministers of Satan.

     It thrills me…and terrifies me to see how very close to the end that we truly are. Community forums, such as Facebook, and others can be so valuable in so many ways. I have kept up with…and reconnected with so many of my friends whom I love with all my heart! For that I am very, very thankful. It can also be a venue for spreading “religious teaching” of a new kind. That is the first red flag you will see when a wolf in sheep’s clothing is building his den with the hearts and souls of anyone he can seduce. I have recently read, on FB that the bible has many mistakes. I have read that the disciples “missed it” when they were looking for Jesus to come back. I have read that the disciples misused and misunderstood the holy scriptures. (I don’t believe they had access to the scriptures….they had Jesus). I will not banter back and forth on facebook…..I just see no profit in that. It jars me to my inner soul…because I see all of the symptoms of false teaching, lying, and putting a ‘man’ in a higher position than God. God is the same forever. He has not….and will NEVER do a new thing. He doesn’t need to. I do not worship the bible. It is a book inspired by the holy spirit to direct our heart, soul and mind to our Creator! I believe we need it! I worship the SUBJECT of the holy scriptures, and love turning and reading every page. But it has not become obsolete…because “God is doing a new thing”.

I don’t mean to get up on a soap box…I am not religious, and have stated many times….I do not think we have to belong to a church to belong to Him. I think they are vital when directed by God. I do not belong to a particular church, but that is neither here nor there. I am so concerned about the things I see coming to pass…..I urge you……whoever reads this……..TRY EVERY SPIRIT”!  Don’t go to people and ask them what they think about this or that….Ask our Father! He will tell you!!! He has never failed  ONCE to answer a question I have asked Him. Perhaps He will lead you so someone to answer your questions….but let HIM lead.

This has been on my heart for some time….and I asked God for His timing for the opportunity…and it is now.  Just be careful out there……..Every time we listen to anyone who just wants to tickle our ears with anything but the pure truth of our Lord….it just puts that much more distance between us and Him……..If you would care to read my account of 22 years under the teaching of one of these predators, go to my website, and you can order one of my books.  Oh, by the way…….God’s patience with this man who deceived us for over 22 years finally came to its end. On January 9th 2012……God cleansed the earth of him! That morning…. he just didn’t wake up! He ALWAYS has the last word!       I love you guy544717_616549191698508_1509402160_ns!!!!!!!


This has al28391ways been one of my favorite scriptures. I always identified myself as foolish and weak. When a person feels this way about himself…..or herself…..there will ALWAYS be someone close by to strengthen those feelings in us, thereby making themselves feel wiser and mightier. I would like to quickly add, that I no longer feel this way. Because man has built me up in my opinion of myself?????  Because ‘religion’ lifts me to a lofty place in my mind??????  No and no. I have seen over the years, that those two entities actually play a bigger part in tearing down our self esteem and our feelings of worth. The reason I no longer feel as tho I am inferior in every way to the general population of the world is very simple. I spent 22 years in the presence of a predator who fed us a constant steady diet of making us know that ” God hated us” that “we were garbage, and he was chosen to enlighten us”  that “we had no hope except in him”  that our hearts were wicked and we were worthless” That we were “stupid, ugly, and didn’t know anything” (this was something he spoke every day for 22 years.)  All these things….combined with the feelings of inferiority that had been in place all the years prior to that…..proved to do nothing but cement all of that into a tightly locked prison, with no hope of escape.

I encourage you…..PLEASE do not say this could never happen to me. These predators are groomed by their father, satan…and they are proficient at their job. They are strong…and have power beyond what is human……………………………..BUT………………………………not more powerful than the one Who holds the keys to every prison!

I remember the exact moment I knew that I was not all those things that religion…and john (the cult leader)   (it is always by intent that I do not capitalize his name) …..and my growing-up years had conditioned me to think. I was laying on my living room floor, agonizing over what had just taken place. Not knowing what to do, where to go, if my family would accept me back, if my friends would have anything to do with me. I heard….gently….”Say My name…….say My name”.……over and over. Each time I said it….I knew that I would not be discarded as the garbage I thought myself to be. My Hero…the Slayer of my dragons….the one who never left my side…….held me and made me know that I had GREAT worth to Him.

Did I get cocky and think I was something to boast about????  NO! I was so humbled and thankful, that I barely had strength!! 

This is what I would like for people to know. This is one of the things I have learned. God will come to you where……..are……. You don’t have to go to a church and let them ‘clean you up’……… don’t have to seek out religion to give you strength…… only need Him. Many people disagree with me on this point…..but loving God, and being a part of  religious activities….have nothing to do with each other. I am not against churches. If God is allowed full reign they are vital!….I am FOR God.

I’m just feeling like if someone feels unworthy….or has been hurt and made to feel small by a group…or an individual……Please know, that God does not work this way. We have not done ANYTHING that is so bad, that He would cast us aside. I turned away from Him and worshipped and followed a man, instead of Him. He never left me, all that time.

Maybe these are just thoughts rambling around in my mind…….or maybe someone is feeling this way too. I love Him, and I know how great His love is for me…..for all of us……


     IMG-20120919-00627This is the man who was the deceiver….liar…and predator who destroyed so many lives before God cleansed the earth of him.  The title of this post is from Luke 9:5. When Jesus was sending His disciples out to tell people of Himself, He knew that they would meet opposition. He knew that there would be scoffers and naysayers. He told his messengers what to do. It has always boggled my mind, that anyone would hear the message sent from Jesus Himself, and treat it as if it were of little value!  But… for every one of those who were too busy to show interest, there were those who accepted the remedy for all of their heartaches, and heartbreaks. Even if there was only one out of hundreds…….to God….that ‘one’ is worth everything! That ‘one’ is of such great value, that the bible states that the angels in Heaven rejoice over this!

     I am in NO WAY comparing myself to Jesus or His disciples. I am, however, discovering what I believe He and His closest disciples were up against when ministering to people who had known them for most of their lives. 99.9 percent of those who I have been privileged to see and talk to…..and who have read my book and so sweetly have come to my booksignings, have been such a blessing and strength to me. I mean that with all my heart, and am so thankful for all of you!  But there are those, who always have to give an opinion. “I’m tired of hearing about a cult”  Why doesn’t she stop talking about that”  On….and on….and on…….If anyone else is experiencing this in doing the work that God has put into your hands to do, then know this. You are doing a good work! There will ALWAYS be someone who “knows better” and will thrive on tearing down what God is doing in you. Carry on! Don’t listen to the voices in the background! Listen to the One who knows you…loves you….and walks beside you to strengthen and empower you!

God has put into my hands…the ability and DRIVE to warn people of the deception that has been vomited upon this earth by Satan! I will not weaken, and I will not stop! I am constantly strengthened by so many! I could name names…but it would be a never ending list! I could never do this alone! Tate publishing is a mighty weapon against the enemy, and I am so blessed to have been made a part of their mighty, “Godly strengthened”  family! So many others! I thank all of you!  And for those who are speaking against what God is doing here……I say bury your head in the sand if you must…..but these predators are real……and you are their prey! I know the signs, and I know the deception of the ministers of Satan. Not because I’m so highly intelligent…..Anyone who knows me, will say that is not true. It is because I was so greatly deceived by one of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. God is allowing….and directing….that I do this. No voice… but His…… will turn me one way or the other.

This is the very face of evil. God has wiped him from the face of the earth, but not before lives, families, and souls were destroyed. If I can help one person not to fall under the deception of one of thes wolves in sheep’s clothing..(And millions are in this earth) then I will try until I no longer have breath.

Thank you……..all of you who stand by me and encourage and strengthen this thing God is leading me to do. I love you all. So much more than you can ever know!


Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the day with the two precious ladies you see pictured with me. This post is not to boast in anyone but God, but I was moved to tears in hearing….from these two ladies……the love for God that resides in their hearts. There has been pain, injured hearts, physical battles, and loss of ones so dear. Not once did I hear a WORD of complaint or self pity. I was moved to tears as I heard the love for our Lord spoken about, and felt His presence. I feel that perhaps this post might encourage someone. God has put into my hands, the task of exposing the false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing, ministers of Satan, who are alive in this world, and are multiplying as we speak. What qualifies me to be able to do what I do? I lived in the community of one of these beasts for 22 years. I WAS DECEIVED! I thought this liar was everything he claimed to be. There are precious people left in the wake of this monster who will….without the strength and healing of God…..never be ‘whole’ again. All of us who came out are scarred in different ways…..but I will not dwell on that, because God  is healing. My goal… constant thrust, by the direction of God is to warn….and show and reveal what I have learned to be the signs of a predator sent to deceive. If there are those who “tire” of hearing these things, please feel free to disengage yourself from my writings, and speakings. It does not weaken me or cause me to be distracted. I am so very thankful to do what He has asked me to do. It is not always easy to do… sometimes dredges up past experiences that are painful and unpleasant. BUT…….if ONE heart is touched…….everything will have been worth it. A valuable lesson I have learned……and this is what I hope will help someone……is this. God will place in our path, many people…..with many voices. Some are put there to comfort….heal…..strengthen……and show the precious love of God. There are also those who are there to test and to try……what we know He has done, and is doing in us. Both can teach and make us stronger. I am not speaking of anyone who was with me in the snake pit for those 22 years of darkness.  For all of you…I love you…and you are constantly in my heart.   I am speaking of the ones who will bring negetivity and slander to the work He is directing in us. The thing I have learned and continue to learn is…..Do NOT listen to the voices……the quiet little voices in the background….that seem so innocent…but are filled with such venom and will try to tear down the things that God is so patiently building in  us. I am finding that there is such strength in those who God drops directly into our hearts to strengthen and to heal us. My cry to every one of you who might be discouraged…or hurt…is to cling to those who  encourage you in HIM! I am finding that most of those people are not the religious people who boast in this or that…..but genuine people who just love God, who walk quietly and unnoticed……..and fill our hearts with love, strength and healing. Those who are not critical….but bind the wounds in us with love, laughter, tears, and just always being there. God……in His great love for us……will place these people just when and where we need them. I KNOW this from experience. I treasure them…and their love and tenderness. THESE will cause the other critical….condescending…..accusatory voices to fade quietly into the background. I hope this will be an encouragement to someone.  There are many things going on with my book! God has brought so many opportunities, and people accross my path who seem to be blessed by the sharing of my experience, and this strengthens me and blesses me beyond measure! Please check my website for upcoming events! As I always say….Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It strengthens me so much more than you know. I love you all!!book

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